Slackware64-current ChangeLog (2016-05-02)

Mon May 2 19:42:54 UTC 2016

  • ap/tmux-2.1-x86_64-2.txz
    Reverted to tmux-2.1, because tmux-2.2 has dropped support for non-UTF8
    character sets “since supporting multiple character sets is a pain”.
    Thanks to Dan Church for the bug report.
  • l/icu4c-56.1-x86_64-2.txz
    Patched pkgdata crash when using “-m”. Thanks to Fabio Bas.
  • l/librsvg-2.40.15-x86_64-2.txz
    Reverted upstream patch that broke the rsvg-convert scaling functionality.
    Thanks to haary.
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