Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2016-08-24)

Wed Aug 24 01:02:03 UTC 2016


Slackware ARM -current and onwards is now a hard float OS!

To those of you whom are reading this after having let an automated tool
upgrade a soft float “-current” installation, and have found their system
has been destroyed:-
I did think of several ways to mitigate this by patching slackpkg, but it's not
fool proof so I've tried to mitigate such issues by deliberately wiping the soft
float port contents >2 months ahead of time in order to break your tools and cause
you to read the Change Log and take action.
Slackware is not designed to have automated packaging upgrade tools, so there's
no 100% fool proof way.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and after several weeks of development
flavoured with other appropriate but overused marketing metaphors, the
Slackware ARM hard float port has landed! (see what I did there? ;-) )

What's important is that this port is built from the same soft float port source
tree, so is already based upon its success and stability over the last 10 years.
A few bugs have been fixed along the way, and the source tree updated to abstract
out as much architecture-specific stuff as possible (removing armv5 CFLAGS from
almost 1000 build scripts was not a lot of fun!).

The OS has been rebuilt over ~25 passes, so the core OS has been well excercised.
I've been testing as much as I can for the last few weeks and everything
looks in good order. I cannot test everything though, so expect breakages.
Please report anything in the usual place:

The currently supported systems that have been tested are:
Trimslice Pro
Banana Pi
Versatile (QEMU emulation)

This is Day Zero of the release - the community projects will need their time
to update images, documentation and so on.

The mini root filesystem for -current is also available:

If you were previously using the Mozilla suite: these were moved out of tree
for the soft float port (since they only supported hard float), but are now
present once again in the 'xap' series.

Thanks to everyone who has made donations. As well as being an encouragement,
it's enabled the purchase of two new Banana Pi's to support maintenance of
stable release. Please also know that whilst within the Slackware team, I
do contribute back to the x86 project with enhancements and fixes that benefit
both ARM and x86, from a volume point of view Slackware ARM is chiefly a
downstream consumer and would not exist without the work of the small and
dedicated Slackware team, and of course Patrick. We love working on Slackware,
and donations encourage us particulatly when it becomes an uphill slog for
periods of time.

Please help support the project to keep it alive in the public domain!

Cheers and enjoy. Apparently people have been waiting for a hard float port
for some time! ;-)

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