Slackwarearm-14.0 ChangeLog (2012-09-05)

Wed Sep 5 15:04:16 UTC 2012

Updated the missing packages list.
Thanks to DEF.
  • a/coreutils-8.19-arm-1.tgz
    Upgraded for some important bugfixes, including possible data loss in
    “sort” output.
  • a/etc-14.0-arm-1.tgz
    Fixed root $path in /etc/
    Thanks to Goran Lazic.
  • a/grep-2.14-arm-1.tgz
    Upgraded for some important bugfixes. This fixes a matching bug when
    using a multibyte locale, and merges a more refined patch from upstream
    for the false detection of small text files as binary on certain
    filesystems (including Btrfs).
  • n/gnutls-3.0.23-arm-1.tgz
    Upgraded for some important bugfixes.
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