Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2022-01-06)

Thu Jan 06 08:08:08 UTC 2022

  • a/aaa_base-15.0-arm-2.txz
    /etc/os-release: Changed URLs to https: (secure HTTP) * a/aaa_libraries-15.0-arm-8.txz * kde/konsole-21.12.0-arm-2.txz
    Applied upstream patch:
    [PATCH] Use tighter matching when finding the default profile file name.
    Thanks to alienBOB. * l/imagemagick-7.1.0_19-arm-2.txz
    It seems that even with –enable-opencl, ImageMagick has disabled OpenCL
    support by default unless the environment variable MAGICK_OCL_DEVICE=true
    is set, so there should be no harm enabling this feature again.
    Thanks to denydias. * l/pipewire-0.3.42-arm-2.txz
    Remove redundant .sample files on package upgrade.
    When disabling pipewire, toss the .desktop files and keep the .sample files
    if both exist.
    Added missing X-KDE-autostart-phase=1 to pipewire-pulse.desktop.sample.
    Thanks to ZhaoLin1457.
    Added sample startup files in /etc/xdg/autostart. Thanks to stormtracknole.
    Added scripts (, to setup pipewire as
    the default multimedia server, or to disable it and return to pulseaudio as
    the default. Thanks to stormtracknole and LuckyCyborg for many useful tips. * l/pulseaudio-15.0-arm-4.txz
    Install pulseaudio.desktop as a .new file so that future package updates
    won't overwrite custom content. * n/network-scripts-15.0-noarch-16.txz
    netconfig: when DHCP configuration is selected, also add hostname labeled
    loopback entries to /etc/hosts. We don't want to have to rely on something
    else providing correct name service in order to be able to reach our
    machine through its own hostname. This was a regression since the netconfig
    shipped with Slackware 14.2.
    Thanks to Zexuo. * n/yptools-4.2.3-arm-3.txz
    Added /usr/sbin/yp_dump_binding and /usr/sbin/yptest.
    Add a hint about adding “nis” in /etc/pam.d/system-auth to /etc/default/yp. * isolinux/*
    /usr/lib/setup/armedslack-nofscheck: Support file system labels.
    Detect the presence of an RTC rather than assuming the absense of
    (based on a static list of Hardware Models).
    This accommodates Hardware Models such as the Raspberry Pi where an
    RTC is connected to the GPIO array. ==== Upgraded ==== * a/bash- * a/e2fsprogs-1.46.5-arm-1.txz * a/haveged-1.9.16-arm-1.txz * a/hwdata-0.355-arm-1.txz * a/kernel-firmware-20211229_57d6b95-noarch-1.txz * a/kernel-modules-armv7-5.15.13_armv7-arm-1.txz * a/kernel_armv7-5.15.13-arm-1.txz
    Added support for two functions 'hook_pre_switch_root', and
    'hwm_hook_pre_switch_root' to be called immediately prior to switching into
    the Slackware OS proper. This is post initialisation of any Software RAID
    arrays, etc.

    The 'hook_pre_switch_root' can be defined within
    The 'hwm_hook_pre_switch_root' can be defined within a Hardware Model's Kernel
    Helper script. 'hook_pre_switch_root' is the last to run, as it's the
    user-defined local customisations.

    Added example of how to use the 'hook_pre_switch_root' feature.
    AArch64: Added initial module list for the Raspberry Pi 3.
    Thanks to Brenton Earl. * a/mdadm-4.2-arm-1.txz * ap/gphoto2-2.5.28-arm-1.txz * ap/sqlite-3.37.1-arm-1.txz * ap/usbmuxd-20210925_e3a3180-arm-1.txz
    Updated to fix mounting devices with iOS 15.1. Thanks to qunying. * d/doxygen-1.9.3-arm-1.txz
    Fix manpage versions, build and install docs. Thanks to duncan_roe. * d/kernel-headers-5.15.13-arm-1.txz * k/kernel-source-5.15.13-arm-1.txz * kde/bluedevil-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/breeze-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/breeze-gtk-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/drkonqi-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kactivitymanagerd-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kde-cli-tools-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kde-gtk-config-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kdecoration-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kdeplasma-addons-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kgamma5-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/khotkeys-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kinfocenter-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kmenuedit-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kscreen-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kscreenlocker-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/ksshaskpass-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/ksystemstats-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kwallet-pam-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kwayland-integration-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kwayland-server-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kwin-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/kwrited-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/layer-shell-qt-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/libkscreen-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/libksysguard-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/milou-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/oxygen-5.23.5-arm-1.txz
    Fix manpage versions, build and install docs. Thanks to duncan_roe. * kde/plasma-browser-integration-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-desktop-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-disks-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-firewall-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-integration-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-nm-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-pa-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-sdk-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-systemmonitor-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-vault-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-workspace-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/polkit-kde-agent-1-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/powerdevil-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/qqc2-breeze-style-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/sddm-kcm-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/systemsettings-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * kde/xdg-desktop-portal-kde-5.23.5-arm-1.txz * l/iso-codes-4.9.0-arm-1.txz * l/libgphoto2-2.5.28-arm-1.txz * l/libimobiledevice-20211124_2c6121d-arm-1.txz * l/libuv-1.43.0-arm-1.txz * l/xapian-core-1.4.19-arm-1.txz * n/curl-7.81.0-arm-1.txz * n/mutt-2.1.5-arm-1.txz * n/whois-5.5.11-arm-1.txz * x/fcitx-qt5-1.2.7-arm-1.txz * x/libdrm-2.4.109-arm-1.txz * x/mesa-21.3.3-arm-1.txz * x/xdg-desktop-portal-1.12.1-arm-1.txz * kernels/* ==== Added ==== * l/libimobiledevice-glue-20211125_3cb687b-arm-1.txz
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