Slackware-current ChangeLog (2021-06-07)

Mon Jun 7 18:53:49 UTC 2021

Hey folks! Sorry about the delay in getting this batch out but I had other
distractions going on here last week that prevented getting this one wrapped
up. Anyway, probably the highlight of this update set is that we've decided
to abandon the 5.10 LTS kernel in favor of following the latest one. We've
never really had a policy that required LTS in a stable release although that
is how it has been done for years, but based on comments from the Slackware
community it seems like 5.10 LTS isn't getting a lot of love and lacks
hardware support that people need now. Conversely, the reports on 5.12 have
been almost entirely positive, so we're going to provide what we think is the
best available kernel. It's unlikely that we'll see another LTS prior to
release, so the plan for maintenance is to keep following the latest kernels
as needed for security purposes. If that means we have to jump to a new branch
while supporting the stable release, we'll start the kernel out in testing
first until we've had some feedback that it's safe to move it to the patches
directory. Sooner or later we will end up on an LTS kernel again, and at that
point we'll just roll with that one. Feel free to comment (or complain) about
this plan on LQ… I'll be curious to see what people think. Anyway, enjoy!
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