Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2020-01-14)

Tue Jan 14 08:08:08 UTC 2020


Happy new year (although I'm not sure if there's a date by when you need to
stop doing that!).

Some news on the Slackware ARM port. I have had a number of donations to the
project since it began ( ) and once again I
thank all of those who have made that.

As with all Open Source projects, there's a great deal of commitment from the
developers to continue to maintain and support the project you're using. In
the case of Slackware we have Patrick Volkerding and the rest of the team
(including myself) donating their time free of charge.

As always, without Patrick Volkerding, Slackware ARM would cease to exist; so
please in the first instance please show your support and commitment there

I'll be continuing to maintain and develop the port and distribute it free of
charge because I enjoy the creative challenges. However, it has to now contend
with other projects. Therefore I've set up a Patreon account for the users of
the ARM port to provide a commitment and demonstration of support, which helps
me prioritise.

Stuart Winter ([email protected])

The mini root filesystem has been updated:
* Added packages: nvi, db48
* Removed package: elvis
  • a/aaa_elflibs-15.0-arm-17.txz
  • a/elvis-2.2_0-arm-4.txz
    Don't make /usr/bin/{ex,vi} symlinks.
  • a/pkgtools-15.0-noarch-21.txz
    Added an installer/pkgtool menu to select the default ex/vi editor.
  • a/sysvinit-scripts-2.1-noarch-23.txz
    rc.K: Support font preferences. Thanks to upnort.
  • ap/zsh-5.7.1-arm-3.txz
    Only copy .info files to /usr/info. Thanks to Xsane.
    Don't compress non-info files in /usr/info. Thanks to Xsane.
  • d/subversion-1.13.0-arm-3.txz
    Recompiled against db48-4.8.30.
  • l/apr-util-1.6.1-arm-9.txz
    Recompiled against db48-4.8.30.
  • l/libidn-1.35-arm-3.txz
  • l/libvncserver-0.9.12-arm-2.txz
    Merged upstream bugfix pull requests. Thanks to alienBOB.
  • l/redland-1.0.17-arm-7.txz
    Recompiled against db48-4.8.30.
  • l/serf-1.3.9-arm-5.txz
    Recompiled against db48-4.8.30.
  • l/talloc-2.3.1-arm-3.txz
    Fix documentation permissions. Thanks to Xsane.
  • n/httpd-2.4.41-arm-2.txz
    Recompiled against db48-4.8.30.
  • isolinux/*
  • a/nvi-1.81.6-arm-1.txz
    This is an implementation of the classic ex/vi text editor written by Keith
    Bostic. Due to this having UTF8 support which elvis lacks, we'll have it
    take over the ex/vi symlinks if they aren't already pointing to a different
    choice. Note that the removal of vi/ex symlinks from the elvis and vim
    packages might cause your ex/vi symlinks to point to this after all the ex/vi
    packages have been upgraded. You can set them to your preferences using
    pkgtool → Setup → vi-ex.
  • l/db42-4.2.52-arm-3.txz
  • l/db44-4.4.20-arm-3.txz
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