Slackwarearm-current ChangeLog (2016-12-06)

Tue Dec 6 21:22:23 UTC 2016

  • a/mtd-utils-061216-arm-1.txz
  • isolinux/u-boot_tftp/bananapi
  • isolinux/u-boot_tftp/bananapipro
  • isolinux/u-boot_tftp/trimslicepro
  • isolinux/u-boot_tftp/
    Added Slackware Installer boot scripts that can be sourced via tftp and will
    boot in to the installer using the same settings found in the INSTALL_<system>
    Currently the purpose of this is purely to save pasting so many commands in to
    the U-Boot console, which on the Banana Pi has irritated me for a long time due
    to the small amount of text that can be pasted in to it in one go (contrasted
    with the Trimslice where I can paste paragraphs of commands separated by semi

    I may extend this to set more configuration so that you can follow a
    pre-defined model of how your system should be, and have less work to do at
    the U-Boot console. It'd be not too dissimilar to the “images” that other
    distributions supply, in the sense that you don't need as much experience to
    get a known configuration on a supported device working for you.

    Currently there is no mention of this in the INSTALL_ documentation, but I'll add
    that in later once I figure out what else I might do in this space.

    Thanks to the contributors of this thread for inspiration and research:

    A few people have emailed me expressing an interest in this (please don't email
    me about development ideas - post on the forum – I do read it), and expanding
    it to make U-Boot automatically find the OS configuration (contained
    within one of these U-Boot scripts) and boot it. Most of the U-Boot configurations
    by default attempt to locate such a script and boot it, so it's quite possible
    to make a 'liloconfig' type script for the known devices, but will require
    some research and coding.

    If you're interested, please post on that forum.
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