Slackware64-14.1 ChangeLog (2013-10-14)

Mon Oct 14 22:09:17 UTC 2013

And with this batch of updates and fixes (clearing the rest of the
important stuff from the TODO list), we have arrived at Slackware 14.1
release candidate 1! Please test and report any remaining issues.
UEFI (with the exception of Secure Boot, which will have to wait until
we have real hardware) should be fully implemented in the installer now,
which will detect and warn about common problems, set up the EFI System
Partition under /boot/efi, and install ELILO and a UEFI boot entry
automatically. There's a new README_UEFI.TXT file with detailed
instructions for installing 64-bit Slackware on UEFI (32-bit won't
support native UEFI due to the mismatch between 64-bit UEFI firmware and
a 32-bit kernel, so Legacy BIOS will be the only way to install 32-bit
Slackware on UEFI). Several useful netfilter and networking utilities
have been added (thanks to Robby Workman and /dev/rob0 for these).
With this batch of updates, everything should be considered frozen
(including the kernel) unless there's a good reason to change something.
Enjoy! See you all for the release, hopefully soon. :-)
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