Slackware64-14.1 ChangeLog (2013-09-23)

Mon Sep 23 00:32:58 UTC 2013

EFI/BOOT/*: Switch from elilo to GRUB for UEFI ISO boot. Bring up a menu that
offers to start the installer with or without the KMS console since it seems
that under UEFI some cards require KMS, while others won't work if KMS is
active. Also, provide an option to scan for and offer to boot operating
systems that are installed already. This works here on VirtualBox, but I'd
like to get some feedback from people who have real UEFI machines. My
understanding is that newer UEFI firmwares do support ISO9660 filesystems
and this should work on those. Older machines may still require a USB
stick to boot the installer.
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