Slackwarearm-14.1 ChangeLog (2013-06-16)

Sun Jun 16 10:06:50 UTC 2013

Finally I've been able to get gcc-4.8.1 to compile a _bootable_ and stable Linux
Kernel version 3.9.6, so we now have gcc-4.8.1 in the D series!
(I've stowed gcc-4.7.2 away in '/pasture' just incase!)

In the kernel packages I have added module “crc32c” into the initrd to support
the “xfs” file system driver. This should have automatically been added to the
initrd but due to a lack of an implicitly stated dependency, it is not. For
more details, see
If anybody sees any other modules failing to load due to missing symbols
(everything looks fine in this Kernel version, but some may slip through in
future versions), please let me know.

The mini root filesystem for -current has also been updated:

- Stuart.

The Raspberry Pi support information has been moved to the ARM section of
the Slackware Documentation Project, so that it can be maintained by the
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