Slackwarearm-14.0 ChangeLog (2013-02-20)

Wed Feb 20 07:48:48 UTC 2013

  • patches/packages/openjdk-7u13_b20-armhfp-1_slack14.0.txz
    Please note that these packages are named “hfp” because I believe that, from
    testing, they only run on machines with a hardware floating point unit.
    We've been unable to help determine why these packages do not work nor build
    on armv5 machines.
    Thanks to Richard Lapointe for confirming that these packages run on the
    ARMv6 CPU (tested on a Raspberry Pi).

    These OpenJDK/JRE packages fix many security issues:
    S6563318, CVE-2013-0424: RMI data sanitization.
    S6664509, CVE-2013-0425: Add logging context.
    S6664528, CVE-2013-0426: Find log level matching its name or value given
    at construction time.
    S6776941, CVE-2013-0427: Improve thread pool shutdown.
    S7141694, CVE-2013-0429: Improving CORBA internals.
    S7173145: Improve in-memory representation of splashscreens.
    S7186945: Unpack200 improvement.
    S7186946: Refine unpacker resource usage.
    S7186948: Improve Swing data validation.
    S7186952, CVE-2013-0432: Improve clipboard access.
    S7186954: Improve connection performance.
    S7186957: Improve Pack200 data validation.
    S7192392, CVE-2013-0443: Better validation of client keys.
    S7192393, CVE-2013-0440: Better Checking of order of TLS Messages.
    S7192977, CVE-2013-0442: Issue in toolkit thread.
    S7197546, CVE-2013-0428: (proxy) Reflect about creating reflective proxies.
    S7200491: Tighten up JTable layout code.
    S7200500: Launcher better input validation.
    S7201064: Better dialogue checking.
    S7201066, CVE-2013-0441: Change modifiers on unused fields.
    S7201068, CVE-2013-0435: Better handling of UI elements.
    S7201070: Serialization to conform to protocol.
    S7201071, CVE-2013-0433: InetSocketAddress serialization issue.
    S8000210: Improve JarFile code quality.
    S8000537, CVE-2013-0450: Contextualize RequiredModelMBean class.
    S8000540, CVE-2013-1475: Improve IIOP type reuse management.
    S8000631, CVE-2013-1476: Restrict access to class constructor.
    S8001235, CVE-2013-0434: Improve JAXP HTTP handling.
    S8001242: Improve RMI HTTP conformance.
    S8001307: Modify ACC_SUPER behavior.
    S8001972, CVE-2013-1478: Improve image processing.
    S8002325, CVE-2013-1480: Improve management of images.
    (* Security fix *)
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