Slackwarearm-14.0 ChangeLog (2013-01-12)

Sat Jan 12 18:00:16 UTC 2013

Please note that there will be no further updates for any of the Mozilla suite
of packages ('FireFox', 'Thunderbird' and 'Seamonkey'). This is due to these
applications not supporting the ARMv5 platform. I cannot build versions greater
than 17.x, so I have removed them from Slackware ARM. I've considered the ESR
versions of Firefox but these just postpone the inevitable removal, since at
a later point in time, we'd still be trying to build a newer release of an
app that does not compile.
The previous updates will remain in 'patches', but be aware that they are now
not considered 'secure'.
  • extra/autoconf213/autoconf-2.13-noarch-2.tgz
    Added versioned symlinks as some apps search for them explicitly. Note that
    this is in 'extra' rather than 'patches', as this is not an upgrade or
    replacement for version 2.69 of autoconf in the 'd' series. Some packages
    have not been updated and still require autoconf 2.13, so this package is
    provided to ease building of such packages.
  • patches/packages/php-5.4.7-arm-2_slack14.0.tgz
    Corrected the permissions on /var/lib/php (chmod 770).
    Thanks to Hans de Bruin.
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