Slackware64-current ChangeLog (2019-10-04)

Fri Oct 4 21:35:49 UTC 2019

  • a/pkgtools-15.0-noarch-24.txz
    installpkg: support –no-overwrite option for upgradepkg's second install
    pass. Don't use this option directly unless you have a good reason.
    upgradepkg: call installpkg with –no-overwrite for the second install pass.
    This cuts the drive writes for a package upgrade almost in half so we can
    be kinder to SSDs.
  • testing/packages/rust-1.38.0-x86_64-2.txz
    The package size here has been put on a tremendous diet.
    Thanks to Andrew Clemons and Willy Sudiarto Raharjo for help with this.
    Compile test results:
    firefox-68.1.0esr: fail
    firefox-69.0.2: pass
    seamonkey-2.49.5: pass
    thunderbird-68.1.1: fail
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