Slackwarearm-14.1 ChangeLog (2013-01-01)

Tue Jan 1 01:20:13 UTC 2013

Toolchain and Kernel updates! This is the first time I've provided Kernels
with support for the Flattened Device Tree ('FTD'). I've shipped each Kernel
package with all of the '.dtb' files for the corresponding architecture - you'll
find them in '/boot/dtb'. The Kernels also _support_ having a DTB appended to
the Kernel zImage in case your version of U-Boot does not support FDT. If this
is the case, please read '/kernels/README.TXT' – but note that none of the
Kernels actually have any DTB appended.

I've been running the 3.7.1 Kernels for just over two weeks here on the Tegra20
and Kirkwood platforms, and they've proven to be stable. Unfortunately I've not
been able to get the 'versatile' Kernel in a good state due to a problem with the
'SYM53C8XX' SCSI driver (see below). If anyone can help fix that, please let me
know and send the fix upstream too.

Make sure you read and fully understand the notes for the 'Tegra/Trimslice'
kernels, otherwise you might get grumpy! ;-)

Happy new year!


Updated boot configuration settings to use DTB (Device Tree Blob) files.
You will need to upgrade the version of 'U-Boot' on your Trimslice in order
to boot the latest kernel provided in this batch.
I suggest first upgrading the kernel, then rebooting into the U-Boot command
prompt; upgrading the U-Boot firmware, reconfiguring then rebooting into the
new kernel.
See the first section of this document for more details.
  • xap/seamonkey-2.14.1-armhfp-2.tgz
    I had previously built these packages with optimisations for the ARMv6 CPU.
    However, I have now reverted the optimisations to 'armv5t'. This is due to
    Slackware ARM stable releases being maintained on ARMv5 hardware.
    The packages are still named 'hfp' since in order to run the packages, you still
    need a hardware floating point unit (although they can still be _compiled_ on
    systems without an FPU).
  • isolinux/*
    You may notice that the size of the installer images has decreased. This is
    because I have removed the unnecessary firmware from /lib/firmware. All of it
    was for network interface cards that do not exist on the supported platforms,
    and just wastes RAM when the installer is running.
    kernels/README.TXT: Updated.
    Added a section describing how to extract the 'zImage' from the U-Boot 'uImage'
    files, and how to append a DTB (Device Tree Blob) to the zImage. You may need
    to do this if your U-Boot does not support loading DTBs directly and cannot be
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