AR System Message Catalog

ARERR [9050] Localization has been turned on but no Message Catalog exists.

AR System server
Server messages

The Localize Server check box is selected on the Advanced tab of the Server Information dialog box, but an AR System Message Catalog form cannot be found on the server. This error can occur for several reasons:

  • The form might have been deleted.
  • A field on the Message Catalog form might have been deleted.
  • Corrupt data might have been added.

To continue, make sure the form exists. If it does not exist, stop and start the server. The form is automatically re-created at system startup. If the form itself is corrupted, you might need to delete the form and start over. In this case, export any data into an .arx, .csv or .xml data file format so that you can reimport it after the form is re-created at system startup.

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