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ARERR [8760] Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server.

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Error 8760 and error 8939 can be caused by a plug-in operation that fails when the AR System server's connection to the plug-in server fails. Either a configuration problem exists, or the plug-in server is not running.
Some operations that can generate this error are initial login to the AR System server, an attempt to create a vendor form, interaction with ITSM consoles, or any other operation supported by plug-in functionality.
To diagnose the cause of this error, check these items:

  • Confirm that the plug-in server is running:

(UNIX) Confirm that the arplugin process is running.
(Windows) Check the Windows Task Manager to confirm that arplugin.exe is running.
If plug-in logging is turned on, check the output at the time the error occurred to verify the state of the plug-in server.

  • Verify that plug-ins are correctly configured to load when the plug-in server starts and that each is successfully loading:

View the contents of the ar.conf or ar.cfg file. For each entry with the format Plugin:pathToPlug-inLibrary, verify that the plug-in library exists in the specified location and has permissions and ownership consistent with other AR System server libraries and binaries in the ARSystemInstallDir/bin directory.
Turn on Plug-in Server logging, and set the Plugin Log Level to All. Verify that each plug-in listed in the ar.conf or ar.cfg file appears with a successful start in the log file.

  • Determine which plug-in is associated with the error and, if possible, the events that lead to the error:

To help isolate the workflow or operation triggering the error, turn on server API and Filter logging.
To identify the API call that results in the error, turn on client-side ARAPILOGGING on a client computer where the error appears.

  • Although the plug-in server can use a portmapper to troubleshoot this error, consider setting a plug-in port and a Server-Plugin-Alias setting in the configuration file to see whether it resolves the problem. For information about these settings, see the Configuration Guide.
  • If the plug-in connection error is related to a BMC Remedy application, make sure that you have applied the latest patches for the application.

For more troubleshooting information, see the BMC Remedy Support Knowledge Base at

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