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ARERR [557] More data was found in the database than was expected.

AR System server
Server messages and notifications

This is a serious error. More data was found in the database than was expected. This error is usually caused by inconsistent definitions in the data dictionary. When the definitions are managed through AR System, all data is updated appropriately to avoid extra definitions. If you manually updated the data dictionary definitions, you might have added data that conflicts with existing definitions.
To troubleshoot this error, gather and provide the following information and to BMC technical support:

  • The arerror.log file.
  • The API log and the SQL log. These will help identify which forms or tables were involved.
  • In release 7.5 and later, if the error occurs during server startup, use the database consistency checker and capture the output to a log file. For more information, see the Optimizing and Troubleshooting Guide.
  • On UNIX, also capture the UNIX console output during startup when the error is generated.

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