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ARERR [5040] A network connection cannot be established to AR System server: serverName. errrorMessage/Reason.

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The server is inaccessible for one of these reasons:

  • A network connectivity problem exists. Issue a ping command to the server. You must solve all network connectivity problems before you can use the AR System server.
  • If no network connectivity problem exists, make sure that the server process (arserverd) is running. If it is not running, ask your AR System administrator to start it.
  • If the server is running, review the /etc/ar file (UNIX) or Login Information window (Windows) on your computer to verify that the server is registered as one of the servers you can access. If no entry is in the file or window, add the entry.

If the connection is still unsuccessful after you eliminate these potential causes, shut down and restart BMC Remedy User. The server might have been temporarily inaccessible.

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