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ARERR [175] The Number of Rows value of the display parameter is out of range.

AR System server
Server messages and notifications

The length or numRows (number of rows) value for the display parameter is not within the allowed range.
For fields displayed as TYPE_TEXT, neither the length nor NumRows field should be zero (0). The length field specifies the width of the control, and the NumRows field specifies the number of rows of data that are displayed for the field.
For fields displayed as TYPE_NUMTEXT, the length field must not be zero (0). The length specifies the width of the control, and the number of rows value is ignored.
For fields displayed as TYPE_CHECKBOX or TYPE_CHOICE, the numRows field must not be zero (0). The numRows field specifies how many rows the check boxes or choices must be displayed in, and the length value is ignored.

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