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Oracle Instant Client SlackBuild

  This is a SlackBuild that will repackage Oracle Instant Client into a package
  that can be easily installed, upgraded, or removed using Slackware's native
  package management tools.

Instructions for build the package

  - Download from Oracle.com the necessary zip packages (basic or basiclite, 
    sdk, sqlplus, etc.) and put them in this directory.

  - Launch the SlackBuild,


  - Install the package,

      upgradepkg --install-new \

  - Set in your ~/.profile the variables ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
      export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib64/oracle/12.1/

SlackBuild flags

  VERSION  Oracle Instant Client version (eg.
  ARCH     Client architecture (eg. i686)
    VERSION= ARCH=x86_64 ./oracle-instantclient.SlackBuild

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