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  • Finding Interesting Documents with grep (2018/07/19 17:30)
    Finding Interesting Documents with grep
  • Doing Good Data Science (2018/07/19 17:28)

    There has been a lot of healthy discussion about data ethics lately. We want to be clear: that discussion is good, and necessary. But it’s also not the biggest problem we face. We already have good standards for data ethics. The ACM’s code of ethics, which dates back to 1993, is clear, concise, and surprisingly forward-thinking; 25 years later, it’s a great start for anyone thinking about ethics.

  • Machine Learning: A Micro Primer with a Lawyer’s Perspective (2018/07/19 16:00)
    Machine Learning: A Micro Primer with a Lawyer’s Perspective
  • How to See What's Going on With Your Linux System Right Now (2018/07/19 14:33)

    Is that service still running? What application is using that TCP port? These questions and more can be answered easily by sysadmins who know simple Linux commands.

    If you're a system administrator responsible for Linux servers, it's essential that you master the Bash shell, especially the commands that show what software is running. That's necessary for troubleshooting, obviously, but it is always a good idea to know what's happening on a server for other reasons—not the least of which is security awareness.

  • Optimized Clear Linux Kernel Now Available for Fedora 28 and Fedora Rawhide (2018/07/19 11:59)

    A recent devel list discussion for popular Linux distro Fedora mentioned Clear Linux optimizations, which may be relevant to Fedora developers in the future. It was mentioned that Intel’s Clear Linux show noticeable performance gains over Xubuntu, as based on graphs by Phoronix.

    A Fedora user then decided to release a Clear Linux optimized Fedora kernel for Fedora 28 and Fedora Rawhide, with the following notes:

  • Linux: The New Frontier of Enterprise in the Cloud (2018/07/19 05:57)

    Everyone from developer teams, to operations, to managers of virtual machines needs to know Linux, said Red Hat's Brian Gracely.

    TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with with Brian Gracely, director of cloud strategy at Red Hat OpenShift, about Linux and the cloud.

  • Greg Kroah-Hartman on Linux, Security, and Making Connections at Open Source Summit (2018/07/18 16:08)

    People might not think about the Linux kernel all that much when talking about containers, serverless, and other hot technologies, but none of them would be possible without Linux as a solid base to build on, says Greg Kroah-Hartman.  He should know. Kroah-Hartman maintains the stable branch of the Linux kernel along with several subsystems.

  • Linux File Server Guide (2018/07/18 15:25)

    Linux file servers play an essential role. The ability to share files is a basic expectation with any modern operating system in the workplace. When using one of the popular Linux distributions, you have a few different file sharing options to choose from. Some of them are simple but not that secure. Others are highly secure, yet require some know-how to set up initially.

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