Slackware-current ChangeLog (2021-09-16)

Thu Sep 16 18:33:01 UTC 2021

Thu Sep 16 02:52:54 UTC 2021

  • a/etc-15.0-i586-17.txz
    Added named:named (53:53) user and group.
  • kde/breeze-icons-5.85.0-noarch-2.txz
    Patched with upstream commit to allow using this icon theme with Xfce.
  • n/NetworkManager-1.32.10-i586-3.txz
    Switch to dhcp=internal to avoid problems swimming upstream.
    For those looking for a fix to continue using dhcpcd, a PRIVSEP build
    variable was added to the SlackBuild, and you may produce a fully
    NetworkManager compatible dhcpcd package with this command:
    PRIVSEP=no ./dhcpcd.SlackBuild
    Privilege separation remains the dhcpcd package default as we don't want
    to weaken security for those using rc.inet1 along with dhcpcd.
    Some additional comments about this were added to 00-dhcp-client.conf
    mentioning this and the workaround of killing dhcpcd manually when
    resuming with the stock dhcpcd package.
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