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BMC Remedy Administrator client
BMC Remedy Administrator errors and warnings (release 7.1.00 and earlier only)

The following errors frequently occur when macros are converted to active links:

  • An error indicating that the qualifier could not be loaded might indicate (1) that specified fields are not present or (2) that the field labels are referred to in the macro query but the conversion process expects the field database names. Verify that the conversion of the query string to a qualifier is correct.
  • An error indicating that the QBE cannot be loaded might indicate that the schema is unavailable. See the following workaround.
  • The server is referred to by a keyword or field ID, and should be available to process QBE queries. See the following workaround.
  • An error indicating that the QBE query could not connect to the server.

Workaround: The schema and server names are not available to queries and can be validated. The schema and server names are represented by $field-id$. These values can be replaced with specific values for conversion. After successful conversion, the administrator can see $field-id$ by directly editing the Open Window action. When editing the Open Window action, the administrator must choose the Advanced option, allowing the schema and server names to be edited.
Another error that occurs when macros are converted is that the query is converted but some field-value pairs that were in the QBE part of the query are missing.
Workaround: Verify that the fields are display fields. Because your query is on field values in database and display fields, the database does not contain any associated values. Display fields should not be in a QBE and are ignored during conversion.

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